Cash for Homes

Need to sell a property fast for all cash while still maximizing value?

Esquire Property offers you the chance to sell your home for CASH and bypass all of the time consuming aspects of selling your property through traditional means. You will benefit from getting a quick closing in two weeks or less—no inspections and no realtor fees by working with us. Put simply, we will help you get the money you need and unload your property without any of the extra time or risks that may accompany traditional sales. We will purchase your home from you in its current condition without requiring any changes or tacking on hidden fees. You will still get the protection of a real estate agent without incurring any of the expenses.

Here are some everyday situations where someone may elect to sell a home quickly for cash:

  • You want to sell your house, but because of its condition, you're afraid it could cost you a great deal in repairs to get it to market
  • If you need a quick closing to get your cash in 14 days or less
  • Property is subject to probate sale
  • Needing to sell the asset to avoid short sale or foreclosure which can damage your credit
  • Inheriting a property in disrepair or wanting to turn it into cash quickly​​​​​​​

Inherit a Home & Turn it Into Cash Fast

Inheriting a home from a family member, especially with short-term notice or at an unexpected time, can cause financial and emotional distress. On the other hand, if you suddenly inherit property from a distant relative that you didn't have much connection to, it could give you an incredible financial opportunity.

If you inherit a home in disrepair or completely vacant and not in a habitable state, it can be much easier to sell for cash than trying to make extensive repairs out of pocket to make a house ready for the market. The traditional selling process can in some instances come with expenses and extensive waiting periods to get an approved buyers mortgage or to pass inspection. It can be a draining, stressful, and financially debilitating process that leaves you with less money than you started with if you had just elected to sell it for cash in its current state.

Additionally, we fund the deal ourselves, so you can skip the loan and appraisal process, inspections and real estate commissions. In 2020, the average home purchase loan approval took almost 50 days! That's a long time to wait to get rid of an unwanted property.

And that's before taking into account how much work might need to be done to repair the house. Rather than giving yourself a headache by dealing with all of the minutiae, reach out to us today, and we can give you a cash offer that streamlines the entire process. Selling your home quickly for cash isn’t always the best strategy for everyone. At Esquire Property we are able to offer you every option available so that you can pick the structure that best fits your need as the homeowner.

Getting a Divorce? Consider Liquidating Quickly

Divorce is already one of the most stressful things a person can go through, which is why liquidating your assets can sometimes be the best financial option. I

Choosing whether or not to keep the house, accept a cash offer, or sell it via more traditional means is a monumental decision—and one that should not be taken lightly. Consider the advantages and disadvantages. Are you financially prepared to retain the home? Can you afford the mortgage without your spouse? Does the home need extensive repairs that you can’t afford to pay up front? Having all options available to you in one place can ensure that you maximize the net value of your asset in a difficult time. 

Are you ready to explore the process of turning your home into cash fast? Click here to begin the process and set up your free, no obligation appointment to get an offer.

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