Luxury Homes

Esquire Property is proud to work with property owners for homes of all sizes and price points. However, there can be even more value for a property owner to work with us while conveying or purchasing luxury properties and estates!

The Attorney Advantage

Working with a Broker to sell or purchase your luxury property who is also a licensed Attorney can have many added benefits. With Esquire Property you’ll receive those benefits while also incurring no additional costs! There are always a significant number of financial implications involved in these larger transactions and it is imperative that your interests are fully protected from start to finish. Having peace of mind that all of your contracts and supporting documents are well executed and legally sound allows you to approach these transactions with confidence and focus on what’s important to you. It’s no secret that the smallest mistake on any form related to a sale or purchase can potentially cause a much larger financial consequence for you. Additionally, Attorneys are formally trained negotiators, and we can use these skills to maximize your financial and personal interests in any transaction. There are already many costs involved in buying or selling real estate, why not work with a brokerage who can provide added value at no additional cost to you?

Unique Marketing Approach

The luxury real estate market usually operates a bit differently than the market for homes with a lower value. Your pool of potential buyers is significantly smaller and in some cases your time on market can be longer. That’s why it is important to not simply follow the same marketing strategies when dealing with luxury properties. At Esquire Property we developed a unique marketing strategy that is tailored specifically to your home. While some agencies will simply do the minimum by listing your property on MLS, making a few mailers to send out and posting a picture on their Facebook page, we take a much more detailed and targeted approach. In addition to utilizing all the mass marketing strategies, we have developed a strategy using analytics to go several steps further than any of the tools provided by traditional brokerages and MLS partners to identify potential buyers. Using the key identifiers found in our analytics we take an aggressive approach to getting your home directly in front of the buyers who are most likely to be interested in your home, whether they are actively in the market or not. This allows us the best chance to not only sell your home as fast as possible, but also create competition among buyers that might not have ordinarily been present with a simple traditional marketing approach. And as we all know, competition will increase the value you see in return for your property. We would be happy to expound upon our services and how we can best serve you. Simply click the link below to contact us to get started!

Work With Us

Our Brokers strive to break the stereotypes commonly associated with Real Estate agents. We pride ourselves on maintaining strong communication levels with our clients so you never feel like you have to reach out for updates and are always informed. Our phones are always on and we welcome communication with clients at any time 24/7.